Female Character Scenes

This page is for any scenes where characters of a primarily female gender type are viewed peeing or having to pee.

The Simpsons - Waverly Hills 9021-D'oh while out on a walk Marge drinks too much bottled vitamin water, and needs to pee, after some desperation outside of a diner and a toilet fixings store, she goes to the girl's bathroom at Springfield Elementary where her hair can been seen above the children's sized stall and is recognised by Janey. She leaves relieved.

The Simpsons Cape Feare Patti claims she wants to kill Selma beacuse 'she's always leaving the toilet seat up'

Simpsons- Helter Shelter- The Simpsons stop at Moes, Lisa says she has to use the bathroom but is out of tokens.

American Dad! Bullocks To Stan @9.33 Jeff mourns his breakup with Haley by looking looking at a framed photo of her using the toilet.

American Dad! Surro-Gate @11.43 pregnant Francine is seen sitting on the toilet urinating, then Stan joins in by peeing in the sink
American Dad! The Best Christmas Story Never @12.25 Francine, squatting behind a car lets out a sigh of relief and says 'What?, I've had to pee since the '70s'
American Dad!: Homeland Insecurity @0.33 Francine says 'But I need to pee, Stan, and I'm not going in the cup again!' in the car when Stan refuses to pull over.

Later @4.44 after coming back from the neighbour's, Stan hears sloshing as she walks, and can smell urine and asks 'did you pee yourself at Buckle's?' Francine had wet herself and pleads 'I couldn't help it, my panties overflowed and filled my shoes' at the neighbours' even scarier haunted house. 

South Park - Britney's New Look episode revolves around a paparazzi photo of Britney urinating on a ladybug while camping in the forest (image is shown @1.20)

South Park - episode "Summer Sucks" (Season 2, Episode 8): The first-grade boys and girls pee in the pool every time Cartman tries to go swimming.

South Park - In the episode where Stan, Kenny, Cartman, and Kyle all go to the water park, it is pretty much all about peeing in the pools there.

South Park Something You Can Do with Your Finger @13.55 possibly the most explicit mainstream scene Cartman's mom is shown in a S&M video, in fetish gear she urinates into a glass (you actually see the stream) and tells Mr. Mackey to drink it. (S4E08)

King Of The Hill Behind Closed Doors - Peggy wants more openess and bonding within the family so sits on the toilet infront of Hank

Family Guy Partial Terms of Endearment @9.24 Lois takes a pregnancy test, Brian who, with his dog nose can smell it from the other room exclaims 'Lois just peed on something' (Quagmire can smell it too).

Family Guy - The Movie - Stewie Griffin The Untold Story (aka Bango Was His Name, Oh!) Lion O uses his 'sight beyond sight' to watch Cheetara pee in the toilet of the Thundercats' lair
Family Guy - The Movie - Stewie Griffin The Untold Story (aka Stu and Stewie's Excellent Adventure) Superman interrupts Wonder Woman as she is sitting peeing on the invisible toilet in her invisible plane
Family Guy Petarded @10.33 after realising he can get away with anything while people think he is mentally handicapped Peter enters the ladies restroom and kicks open the stalls while several women are using the toilet.
Family Guy Blind Ambition Quagmire gets caught attempting to spy and watch Lois pee in the ladies room 
Family Guy The Courtship of Stewie's Father Peter bursts in on Lois while she is sitting on the toilet and sprays (as well as chases) her with the garden hose.
Family Guy Road to Germany a joke reveals that while Meg uses the toilet Quagmire is filming it from behind the bath curtain
also of interest
Family Guy Peter and Lois fight over who gets to use the toilet first in the morning (Spies Reminiscent of Us)
Family Guy Quagmire bids on a pair of panties at a police auction that were confiscated from a prostitute who wet herself (Fish Out Of Water)

Family Guy Peter' s Got Woods scene in which references star trek the next generation [deleted scene - 'The Cutting Room Floor' dvd] Captian Picard asks Counseller Troi to use her telepathy to investigate from a spacial anomaly, however she begins to pick up Picard
'Im sensing... someone tying down to a bed..."
"Oh, uh... that's probably nothing." "A man in nipple bra and... crotchless panties?"
"Now he's pouring... lemonade on my face?"
and then realizes 'Wait a minute, that's not lemonade!!!'
also of note much like the Thundercats scene Picard and Troi are voiced by original actors Patrick Stewart and Marina Sirtis respectively, reprising their roles on tv together for the first time in many years.

Family Guy - S07E02 - I Dream of Jesus @2.08 Peter sings 'Surfin' Bird' at a restaurant's ladies room
'hey lady on the toilet the bird is the word' (lady screams but then joins in while leaning out ...
'sure everybody knows the bird is the word'

Megaman: NT Warrior - Traffic Signal Chaos- Yai refuses to use the bathroom at school and intends to use her own bathroom at home, but is unable to as her limo gets caught in a city wide traffic jam, she eventually finds a bathroom, but there's alot of desperation leading up to it.

Futurama The Lesser of Two Evils @3.21 Bender, Fry and Leela visit 'Past-O-Rama' where Old New York comes alive, Fry shows them around, explaining the old signs and public services and utilities - Leela misunderstands Fry and uses a phonebooth as a toilet.
Bender: I gotta say I'm really enjoying the day out with you people. Hey, a suicide booth! So long, suckers.
Fry: Uh, sorry, Bender, that's just a phone booth.
Bender: [disappointed] Oh.
Leela: What were they used for?
Fry: In New York? Bathrooms.
Leela: Oh. I-I'll be out in a sec. [excusing herself to go the phonebooth]
[She walks into the phone booth. as Fry reacts with a worried look] 
Megaman: NT Warrior - There's No I In Team - The English dub removes a close-up of Yai's knees shaking in desperation and an exterior shot of the restroom along with accompanying toiet flush.

Judas and Jesus (2009) a animated film by Olaf Encke and Claudia Romero.
@4.21 black sheep 'Judas' drop a set of voyeuristic photos of 'maria magdalena' including among others one of her sitting on the toilet

6teen Season 3 Episode 21~ Woah Baby! @15.05 Jen has found out that her mom is pregnant with her stepdad, worried that she'll have another (half) brother to deal with, she wants to determine the gender via crackpot methods one by checking the color of her urine. Jen, her mom Caitlin &Nikki all go the ladies room where her mom can be heard peeing and her feet can be seen a she uses the toilet
she leaves the stall without flushing, Jen rushes in and celebrates when she sees that the pee in the toilet is yellow
"yes! definetly bright yellow, score another one for a girl!"

6teen Season 3 Episode 22~ Cheapskates @2.05 Jude begins swishing his soda arond in his mouth before swallowing. Wyatt asks him what he's doing and Jude says it unlocks the flavor.
Caitlin then says "Please Jude, stop swishing. I have to pee sooo badly." after being taunted her desperation becomes too much and runs off dragging Nikki with her (she doesn't want to go the gross food court ladies' room alone). The shot then cuts to a falling stream of yellow liquid but pans out revealing it's Jude squirting lemonade from his mouth. In the restroom Caitlin is audibly peeing and her feet can be seen while sitting on the toilet in the stall.

6teen Season 2 episode 04~ Fish and Make up @18.28 Caitlin desperate, runs in late to Jude's fish's funeral in one of the bathrooms. She takes a long, audible pee as she sighs then farts and pees in one last push at the end - all within ear shot of the other characters.

6Teen Season 1 episode 26~ Boo, Dude @17.38 halloween episode, Caitlin dressed as a showgirl, has to pee but all the bathrooms are locked so has to use the boys' room, where the boys are prepping a prank, heard peeing while seen from the waist up.
The boys the open the stall wearing a hockey mask and chainsaw, photograph her, she screams them falls in. We see her struggling in the toilet legs hanging, trying to get out. She screams again when the boys enter the stall to help her out and asks for the girls.

"Stoked" Fast Times when the Rip Tide's High A female character (Lo) is shown as being very desperate, calling her friend to have her cover her shift, and saying "Get over here, I really have to pee." She then dashes to a bathroom. extended peeing sounds are then heard, a sigh of relief and flush Season 1, Episode 8 @14.05

TDI Paintball Deer Hunter @2.51 morning, Heather is holding up the outhouse leaving all of the other girls are lined up in desperation 'with urgent business' which is followed by Gwen saying "That does it. I'm going lumberjack style' (Season 1, Episode 9)

TDI The Sucky Outdoors Bridgette says she has to go pee, and DJ revealed so did he by holding up a jar with urine in it. Not wanting to share a jar, she heads outside to find a private place; but what she finds are bats, and one of them flies right into her face. (Season 1, Episode 6) @14.15

TDI The Sand Witch Project @10.03 The challenge is scaring one of the teammates in the outhouse. The victims are Leshawna and Lindsay. Leshawna thinks that being scared in the outhouse was the most inappropriate thing ever and Lindsay states that she is not going to pee on camera like she did last season. When DJ goes in to scare Leshawna, he opens the door to see Leshawna on the toilet and is immediately embarrassed. "Oh! I'm sorry, I busted in on your private moment! Boy, is my face red!" She says "You wanna win? Do the scene, DJ!" angrily tells him to scare her and he grunts softly and claws at her with his hand which causes her to laugh.
However the key scene is at @ 12.48 when Beth runs in to Lindsay's stall, she scares Lindsay so much that she pees herself and screams twice (pee can be heard). (Season 2, Episode 9)

Search and Do Not Destroy @8.26 Lindsay is shown in the confessional next, although she has seemingly forgotten that she is in the confessional, and is using the toilet and reading a magazine inside of it (peeing sounds can be heard) . Season 1, Episode 16

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2 Katie and Sadie spontaneously felt the need to go to the bathroom at the same time. Since there was no actual bathroom in sight, Katie and Sadie squatted in the forest to do their business, but they unknowingly did so on poison ivy, which left both of them itchy and nearly incapacitated for the rest of the challenge (Season 1, Episode 2) Later on, they're seen squatting in the water, pants down, to relieve their itchiness @13.58 10.48

Total Drama Island After The Dock Of Shame @11.00 Izzy pees in the pool at the Loser's resort episode. No pee is actually shown, but she does sigh in relief after going (Season 1, Episode 22) aka "TDI Haute Camp-ture"
Izzy:"excuse me i have to go to the bathroom" [Izzy freezes and then lets out a sigh]
"eew Izzy"
Lindsay "that is soo gross"
"what? it's chlorinated!"

Arthur episode "FernFern And The Secret Of Moose Mountain" - Fern and Francine are going hiking, Fern says she has to use the bathroom, but Francine dosen't want to fall behind and insists on going ahead, but Fern mkaes it clear that she really has to go now, so Francine relents and lets her use the bathroom(I think there might've also been a flushing sound before she emerges from the bathroom, I can't quite remember)


Anonymous said...

On Arthur, "Jenna's Bedtime Blues" tells of a girl who occasionally wets the bed. When she attends a sleepover at Muffy Crosswire's house, she tries to stay up late and hide the fact that she wears pull-ups to bed. She both dreams and sees television scenarios of water-effects and images suggestive of urination. She and Muffy awake to a wet bed, but that turns out to be a puncture to the waterbed by Muffy's brooch.

Anonymous said...


Look at that page for a crapload of examples.

Anonymous said...

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbv0IK_yThE

Anonymous said...

American Dad - Love, AD Style [Season 8,ep. 1] - Roger has a toilet cam he uses to spy on Haley. About halfway in the episode, Roger is viewing the feed on his laptop. We see her sitting on the toilet for a few seconds.

Anonymous said...

in diary of a wimpy kid 1 greg has to pee when he is loked in his room

Anonymous said...

do you know what a female is there buddy^

Anonymous said...

Dave the barbarian - Candy dinky and cheesette are at the popular hangout clutching themselves desperately because the bathroom costs too much. They remark on the fact that they should not constantly have to hold it every time they go out on the town. Dave has been spending the whole episode building things with a magic saw and so they get him to construct three bathroom stalls. He does and they all go in and sigh in relief. Dinky ends up clogging the toilet so Dave has to build a toilet plunger too

Anonymous said...

Well done troll. This was worded well enough that I actually believed this scene was real. I will give you props on that one.

Anonymous said...

This is not a real episode sadly. The characters didn't come up in a Google search either.

Anonymous said...

This happens in ep 8 of the anime 'Dog Days' - Cinq and Millhiore are attending a picnic and Millhiore drinks too much apple juice.Apparently,she is too embarrassed to tell Cinq that,so she decides to hold it.Eventually,she gives up and decides to go in the bushes.

Anonymous said...

Actually, that girl in Stoked was CALLING Lo.
The desperate one is named Emma 😀

Anonymous said...

Simpsons episode Fland Canyon has very brief desperation from Lisa ~06:47 after a long car ride. Sadly the focus is more on Homer's relief.

Anonymous said...

There is a brief desperation scene in Sailor Moon Crystal (episode 32, minute 12:20 or so). Sailor Moon fidgets, asks where the bathroom is, and later sighs in relief.